Mount Pleasant Wines

Our Story

At Mount Pleasant we watch over some of Australia’s most historic and precious vineyards. Founded in 1921 by the legendary Maurice O’Shea, whose contribution to Australian wine cannot be understated. Widely recognised for setting the standard for modern Australian winemaking, his ‘fanatical perfectionism’ saw him create Mount Pleasant’s signature style of elegance, balance and exceptional longevity.

For 100 years, Mount Pleasant has produced iconic, elegant and expressive wines championing the fruit and individual character of our four vineyard sites. Our rare ancestral vines include some of the oldest clone plantings in the country. This makes our Old Hill vineyard, while best known for Shiraz, the oldest Pinot Noir vineyard in Australia.

Mount Pleasant wines let you discover the unique Hunter Valley signature: wines with an ‘old world’ elegance and exceptional balance.

“The ability to capture a piece of land and transport its soil and season in a bottle; the ability to keep a bottle for fifty years and on opening it, be instantly transferred through space and time back to that specific piece of land, that year, to the hopes and dreams of the people who made it; the remarkable, magical, travel-in-a-bottle that is wine – these are the things Maurice (O’Shea) loved about wine. They are the immortality of his hands and the patch of land he worked.”

CAMPBELL MATTINSON, the wine hunter