Mount Pleasant Wines

Reds Release

Introducing our Red Release

We are proud to introduce you to our Annual Reds Release

2019 Maurice O’Shea

Maurice O’Shea was a man whose story and character is as compelling and transformative as the wines he produced. His contribution to Australian wine cannot be understated. This wine was first made in 1987 as a tribute to O’Shea’s genius and legacy.

2021 Significant Sites

The Significant Sites are our oldest and most prestigious parcels of land, planted with Shiraz and define the enduring legacy of our founder, Maurice O’Shea.

1921 Old Paddock Vineyard
Hunter Valley Shiraz

1880 Old Hill Vineyard
Hunter Valley Shiraz

2021 Single Vineyard

Every wine from our Single Vineyard range is an opportunity to uphold a legacy of excellence established over 100 years ago.

Old Paddock & Old Hill Vineyard
Hunter Valley Shiraz

Rosehill Vineyard
Hunter Valley Shiraz

Old Hill Vineyard
Hunter Valley Pinot Noir

“What we have here at our disposal are some of the greatest vineyards in the world. It is our role to take 12 months of what mother nature has provided, and transport it into a bottle, in the most perfect condition.”

Adrian Sparks, Chief Winemaker